Zeolis House Painters is an all-in-one house painters team in Auckland for house exterior, interior, and roof painting, we have professional painter’s gear, hard-working painters, and standard painting preparation practices to ensure high-quality house painting results Auckland-wide. We have free quotations based on three options: 1. All-in-one quote; 2. Hourly labor + supplies; 3.  Cost per square meter or building area.
Painters of color steel roof, timber trim, exterior cedar cladding, and window frames; Auckland painters gear List: scaffolding, ladders, roof ladder, harnesses, water blaster, spray painting machine, all dropping clothes, and masking tapes were included in our fixed price quote, provided by Zeolis House Painters.

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Zeolis’ House Painters Prices in Auckland

We offer THREE pricing options for Auckland house painting services and we try to keep both transparent and clear, with no hidden cost to customers. We also applied standard painting practices for each job we do, normally clearly stated in our quotation email.

A. All-in-One Painters’ Quote

An obligation-free quote is offered to the customer. The all-included painting quote will be offered by email after the site visit to check our house size, build, and access, and communicate with the customer to understand the requirements and expectations. The house painting quote is by written email with paint and workmanship specifications, procedures, and results. Customers are required to check each step and confirm it meets the pre-specified agreement before the painter moves on to the next step. Onsite supervision is welcome.

B. Painters’ Hourly Rates

Based on the scale of each painting job, interior or exterior, customers can choose to hire our standard painter’s hourly rate plan. All painting gears and supplies including ladders, dropping clothes, masking film, masking tape, brushes and rollers, vacuum cleaners, water blasters, trays, cleaning gears, sanding machine, sanding papers, contract filler, gap filler, builder’s filler, mobile scaffolding, and PPE, transports included; Not including primer and paint. Time is counted from start to finish of the same day, including 30 mins lunch break.

  • 1 Day
    $45+gst / hour / painter; 10+ hours a day; Two painters working as a team; Cost is $45 x 2 = $90 x hours (+gst)
  • 2 Days
    $42+gst / hour / painter; 10+ hours a day; Two painters working as a team; Cost is $42 x 2 = $84 x hours (+gst)
  • 3-6 Days
    $40+gst / hour / painter; 10+ hours a day; Two painters working as a team; Cost is $40 x 2 = $80 x hours (+gst)
  • 7-14 Days
    $35+gst / hour / painter; 10+ hours a day; Two painters working as a team; Cost is $40 x 2 = $70 x hours (+gst)

Time and painters cost calculation example:

2 painters arrived at your house at 7:30 am, set up and preparations take 15-30 mins, working from 8 am to 12 pm, they have a 30 mins lunch break and continue to work from 1230pm to 550pm, then 10 mins to clear the site ready for next day, and they finish by 6 pm. It is 730am – 6 pm, 10.5 hours a day; Monday to Saturday. We can work on Sunday as well if needed, with no extra charges.

C. Painters Price Per Square Meter

All paints have coverage specifications as reference. By calculating the size, with the type of paint, we can work out painting quotes based on size.

Exterior painting quote per square meter example
Surface Area: A wall of 2.4m (H) x 4m (W) = 9.6 m2
Coverage Rate per liter: 16 m2(Dulux Weatherboard, one coat)
Total Paint: 9.6 m÷ 16 m× 2 = 1.2 litre
Exterior Weatherboard Painting PRICE: $85 /m(Sanding, repairs, partial priming, and two coats of Weathershield painting, paint all included.)

Typical Exterior and Interior Painters quotes?

Interior painting quote

Painting Practices:
1. all over sanding: ceiling, all walls, all frames including skirting
2. cracks and holes repairs, sanding, and partial priming (Dulux 1StepPrep)
3. painting two coats:

Ceiling: Dulux Ceiling White, or Bathroom & Kitchen Ceiling White +Plus
Wall: Dulux Professional® Interior Low Sheen
Window and door frames, doors: Dulux, Aquanamel® Semi-Gloss
Bathroom: Wash&Wear® +PLUS Kitchen&Bathroom Low Sheen

Exterior painting quote

Painting Practices:
1. allover sanding: bargeboard, under-eave, all doors, all frames, 100 grit machine sanding
2. soft washing to remove sanding dust, mold, moss…
3. cracks, holes, gaps, and bog repairs by PAL contract filler, sanding again, and partial priming;
4. two coats of paint:

bargeboard and under the eave, one color, Dulux Weathershield low sheen
doors, and all window frames: Dulux Aquanamel semi-gloss.
weatherboard/timber cladding: Dulux Weathershield, low sheen

all paint, labor, tools, and supplies are included from Zeolis House Painters Auckland. We use Dulux only for all interior work. Dulux is able to match all Resene colors.

Auckland Paint Supply Price Examples

Paint Amount Price (+gst)
Roof and Trim 10L $135.82
Primer: 1StepPrep 10L $134.58
Ceiling White Plus Kitchen & Bathroom 10L $121.60
Professional Interior Paint 10L $101.50
Aquanamel Paint 10L $175.21
Weathershield Exterior ColorGard Paint 4L $104.45
Weathershield Exterior ColorGuard Paint 10L $187.47
Weathershield Exterior Paint 4L $72.60
Weathershield Exterior Paint 10L $128.03
Weathershield Exterior Paint 1L $34.86
Weathershield Exterior Paint Ultra Deep Base 10L $141.28
Deck Oil 10L $133.46

Where to buy paint in Auckland?

  • Dulux Trade Centres: 11 in Auckland
  • Resene ColorShop: 17 in Auckland
  • Bunnings: Dulux, Berger, British Paints, PPG, Spring, White Knight.
  • Mitre10: Resene, Solagard, Wattyl, Procoat, Aquamax, Pavemax, Accent,

What do we use as professional painters?

For both exterior and interior painting works, we use Dulux only; The exterior painting is Weathershield, Timbacry, Roof & Trim, and Aquanamel; for interior: Professional, and Aquanamel; For Cedar staining, we use Resene Woodsman penetrating oil stain waterborne.


about painters works, practices, prices, products, techniques, workmanship, warranty, and more in Auckland.

how much is a reasonable budget for a house exterior painting in Auckland?
1. In our painting work gallery, the prices are marked aside. The size of the house, the conditions, location, and height are all factors to consider.
2. A reasonable budget for a house exterior painting job can be anywhere from $4,000 to $12,000, depending on the complexity of each case.
3. The quality of the painting work should be the priority, Professional and experienced painters who use the right materials and follow proper techniques may charge more but can provide better results that last longer, saving you money in the long run.
4. A detailed quote with progress and techniques is suggested for comparison.
Can I just paint over old paint?
Yes, but sanding is a must. Our painting reparation options are as follows:
a. old paint stripping-sanding-washing-priming-painting (10%)
b. sanding-washing-partial priming-painting (90%)
c. washing-painting (plaster exterior only)
d. painting directly (never)
How can you tell if a paint job is bad?
Badly done are:
Visible stains and flaws throughout the paint; Uneven and inconsistent colors – a common issue when only one coat of paint is used; Blotches and streaks caused by applying paint on a dirty or wet wall.
How can I tell if it’s fully two coats?
A. by the amount of paint used. Dulux Paint Calculator is a good reference tool. Approximately 1 liter covers16m2(assume it’s “one coat”, then 1L covers 8m2 as two coats.)
B. we leave samples of 1. not painted, 2. one coat, 3. two coats; You can compare them then to be confident that two coats are fully applied.
What are the most common painting work defects that homeowners may encounter in Auckland?
Peeling and Blistering: caused by poor surface preparation; good sanding will fix it.
Cracking and Flaking: This can happen when the paint is applied too thickly or when the surface beneath the paint expands or contracts due to temperature changes; Ultimate solution is old paint stripping.
Poor Adhesion: This can occur when the paint is applied to a dirty, greasy, or poorly prepared surface, causing it to peel or flake off; Soft washing after heavy sanding will fix this problem.
How to judge if my house exterior needs re-painting?
Fading and Chalking: Over time, exposure to UV rays and weather elements can cause paint to fade and chalk, leading to a dull appearance; Average time is about 12-15 years, this is a good judgment of re-painting. It is not exactly a defect.
Mildew and Mold Growth: Moisture buildup can cause mildew and mold growth, which can damage the paint and affect indoor air quality.
What are Zeolis Painters’ payment terms?
We are flexible in terms of payment. You can pay 1/3 when we start the preparation work, and once you see the progress you are going to have more confidence in our profession. It’s a good time for us to take the first 1/3; All the balance could be paid upon completion of painting works to your satisfaction. 
How to judge if it’s one coat or two coats of paint?
Our painters’ practice is that we keep samples:
1. Original;
2. Sanded and washed;
3. Primed;
4. One coat;
5. Two coats;
Customers can compare the differences to tell if the house is painted with two coats of paint; The other judgment is from the paint’s coverage specification.  
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