Zeolis House Painters is your premier choice for comprehensive painting services catering to diverse house styles across Auckland. Whether it’s exterior, interior, or roof painting, our skilled team of painters utilizes professional-grade gear and implements meticulous preparation practices to ensure exceptional results. From traditional homes to modern designs, we serve a wide range of clients citywide. With our commitment to excellence, we take pride in transforming homes with our expert painting craftsmanship.

The Villa: 1880-1910, wrap-around verandas, bay windows, and intricate fretwork.

Get Customized Pricing Options for Free – Tailored to Your Preferences!

  1. All-in-one quote: Get a comprehensive fixed price covering all aspects of the project.
  2. Hourly labor + Supplies: Pay based on the hours worked by our skilled laborers and the necessary supplies.
  3. Cost per square meter or building area: Receive a quote based on the size of the project area.

No matter which option you choose, we ensure transparency and competitive pricing to meet your painting needs. Our painters come fully equipped with comprehensive gears, including our scaffolding, ladders, ladders, harnesses, water blaster, spray painting machine, all necessary dropping clothes, masking tapes, and PPE.

The Bungalow, 1910-1930, low-pitched roofs, wide eaves, and spacious verandas

Discover Affordable House Painting Prices in Auckland!

We provide three transparent pricing options for Auckland house painting services, ensuring clarity and no hidden costs for our customers. Our quotations clearly outline the standard painting practices applied to each job.

A. Get Your All-in-One House Painting Quote Today!

We offer customers a no-obligation quote covering all painting services. After a thorough site assessment, we engage directly with customers to grasp their needs. Our detailed email quote includes paint and workmanship specs, procedures, and expected outcomes. We encourage customers to review each step before proceeding. Onsite supervision is welcomed for ultimate satisfaction.

The Contemporary: clean lines, large windows, and open-plan layouts.

B. Explore Painting Quotes Based on Painters’ Hourly Rates!

Customers can choose our standard painter’s hourly rate plan, tailored to their interior or exterior painting project’s scope. This plan includes all necessary painting gear and supplies, such as ladders, dropping cloths, masking film, masking tape, brushes, rollers, vacuum cleaners, water blasters, trays, cleaning equipment, sanding machine, sanding papers, contract filler, gap filler, builder’s filler, mobile scaffolding, and personal protective equipment (PPE). Transportation costs are also covered. However, primer and paint are not included in this plan. Time is calculated from the beginning to the end of the same day, with a 30-minute lunch break included.

  • 1 Day
    $45+gst / hour / painter; 10+ hours a day; Two painters working as a team; Cost is $45 x 2 = $90 x hours (+gst)
  • 2 Days
    $42+gst / hour / painter; 10+ hours a day; Two painters working as a team; Cost is $42 x 2 = $84 x hours (+gst)
  • 3-6 Days
    $40+gst / hour / painter; 10+ hours a day; Two painters working as a team; Cost is $40 x 2 = $80 x hours (+gst)
  • 7-14 Days
    $35+gst / hour / painter; 10+ hours a day; Two painters working as a team; Cost is $40 x 2 = $70 x hours (+gst)

Efficient Time and Painter Cost Calculation Example – Unlock Insights!

Two painters arrived at your house at 7:30 am, set up and preparations take 15-30 mins, working from 8 am to 12 pm, they have a 30-minute lunch break and continue to work from 1230pm to 550pm, then 10 mins to clear the site ready for next day, and they finish by 6 pm. It is 730am – 6 pm, 10.5 hours a day; Monday to Saturday. We can work on Sunday as well if needed, with no extra charges.

The Seventies: open layouts, large windows, earthy materials, angular architecture, split-level designs.

C. Get Your Per Square Meter Quote for House Painting Today!

Paints come with coverage specifications for reference. By calculating the surface area and considering the type of paint, we can generate painting quotes based on the size of the project.

  • Exterior painting quote per square meter example
  • Surface Area: A wall of 2.4m (H) x 4m (W) = 9.6 m2
  • Coverage Rate per liter: 16 m2(Weatherboard, one coat)
  • Total Paint: 9.6 m÷ 16 m× 2 = 1.2 litre
  • Exterior Weatherboard Painting PRICE: $85 /m
    (Sanding, repairs, partial priming, and two coats of Weathershield all included.)
The Mediterranean house: stucco walls, red-tiled roofs, arched windows, and mosaic tiles.

Experience Standard Quotes for Both Exterior and Interior Painting Services!

Interior painting quote

Painting Practices:
1. all over sanding: ceiling, all walls, all frames including skirting
2. cracks and holes repairs, sanding, and partial priming (1StepPrep)
3. painting two coats

Paints (Dulux):
Ceiling: Ceiling White, or Bathroom & Kitchen Ceiling White +Plus
Wall: Professional® Interior Low Sheen
Window and door frames, doors: Aquanamel® Semi-Gloss
Bathroom: Wash&Wear® +PLUS Kitchen&Bathroom Low Sheen

Exterior painting quote

Painting Practices:
1. allover sanding: bargeboard, under-eave, all doors, all frames, 100 grit machine sanding
2. soft washing to remove sanding dust, mold, moss…
3. cracks, holes, gaps, and bog repairs by PAL contract filler, sanding again, and partial priming;
4. two coats of paint:

A Wide Range of Paint and Painting Supplies

  • Dulux Trade Centres: 11 shops in Auckland
  • Resene ColorShop: 17 shops in Auckland
  • Bunnings: Dulux, Berger, British Paints, PPG, Spring, White Knight.
  • Mitre10: Resene, Solagard, Wattyl, Procoat, Aquamax, Pavemax, Accent,

Contemporary lifestyle blocks of eco-friendly designs.

Discover Essential Materials and Tools Used by Professional Painters!

For both exterior and interior painting works, we use Dulux only; The exterior painting is Weathershield, Timbacry, Roof & Trim, and Aquanamel; for interior: Professional, and Aquanamel; For Cedar staining, we use Resene Woodsman penetrating oil stain waterborne.

Exclusive Trade Prices for Paint in Auckland!

Roof and Trim10L$135.82
1StepPrep Primer10L$134.58
Weathershield Exterior Paint10L$128.03
Weathershield Exterior ColorGuard Paint10L$187.47
Aquanamel Paint10L$175.21
Deck Oil10L$133.46
Professional Interior Paint10L$101.50
Ceiling White Plus Kitchen & Bathroom10L$121.60
Weathershield Exterior ColorGard Paint 4L$104.45
Weathershield Exterior Paint4L$72.60
Weathershield Exterior Paint Ultra Deep Base10L$141.28
Weathershield Exterior Paint1L$34.86
The labor cost for painters typically ranges from 6 to 10 times the amount of paint being used.

The Duplexes comprise two distinct living units within one structure

Since 2016, our professional full-time painters have been expertly revitalizing 395 homes with exterior, interior, and roof painting services. With a proven track record of excellence, our team ensures top-notch craftsmanship on every project. Here below is our 2016-2024 yearly breakdown of house painting jobs in Auckland. (2024-05-22)